QUESTION 3 will NOT lead to better voting

It will make our elections more confusing and complicated

Out-of-state billionaires are trying to completely overhaul our elections here in Nevada. They want to make voting more complicated, more confusing, and more time-consuming for Nevadans — and lock this new system in our state Constitution. 

Join 25+ voting rights organizations, labor unions, and a bipartisan group of local leaders in voting NO on Question 3.

Get the facts:

The billionaires funding this ballot initiative and spending millions of dollars on misleading ads aren’t telling the truth about Question 3. They are trying to deceive voters about the harmful impacts of their ranked-choice voting experiment. 

Here's What you should know:

  • Question 3 would make it more complicated, confusing, and time-consuming to cast a ballot. Nevadans are already busy keeping the state’s 24/7 economy moving and growing. Question 3 would create a complicated new ranked-choice voting system that requires voters to learn about five candidates and then rank their top five choices, which will make casting your ballot take much longer.  
  • Question 3 would lead to increased errors and thousands of voters not having their voices heard. In states that have tried it, this ranked-choice system has resulted in up to five times as many ballots being thrown out because of errors – resulting in thousands of voters being silenced. And in close races, it often takes weeks to determine the winner, leading many voters to question the validity of the results.
  • Question 3 would undermine a core principle of our democracy. The idea “one person, one vote” is at the core of free and fair elections in America, but Question 3 would undermine that basic principle. When voters only rank one candidate and their candidate does not win outright, their vote is thrown out for subsequent rounds, while those who rank more than one candidate get their votes counted over and over.
  • Question 3 would be locked in our state Constitution. The wealthy backers of Question 3 want to lock this complicated new voting system that has caused chaos in other states into Nevada’s Constitution. This means it would be nearly impossible to change if the scheme fails. Our state Constitution is no place to experiment with democracy.
  • Question 3 would cost Nevadans millions of taxpayer dollars to implement. Nevada is already a leader in the country on voter access and election administration. This is an expensive solution being pushed by out-of-state special interests to fix a problem that doesn’t exist in our state.

fact check:

Nonpartisan voters already CAN participate in Nevada’s primary system.

Question 3’s ads are falsely claiming that nonpartisan voters are locked out of Nevada’s primary system. The TRUTH is that Nevada’s nonpartisan voters are already able to participate in our primaries, either by voting a nonpartisan ballot or using our same-day voter registration system to select whether they want to vote in the Democratic or Republican primary.

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